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Principals Letter December/Brev från rektor December 2021

Principal’s Letter - December 2021

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 

We are so proud of what our students have accomplished in the autumn term. I want to thank our students for being so engaged in our school community more than ever with our student-led clubs including our SAGA and cultural clubs facilitating some great student-led events throughout the term. While we continue our constant work with being respectful to each other and highlighting our Plan mot Kränkande Behandling to ensure a safe and calm school for learning. We are also proud to be assigning grades (betyg) in all subjects for Grades 4-9 students for the first time and are proud to be only one of 28 schools in Sweden to be doing so. We believe that this is a useful tool to ensure our students continue to take on academic challenges in their studies going forward. Thank you for your support this term and we look forward to continuing our work together in January! 

Grading for 4-9 Students

As mentioned, grades for the autumn term were posted on schoolsoft before the Jullov break. Please take the time to review this summative feedback from the teachers combined with the subject rubrics in each subject. This feedback is based on the autumn term's work only and each term provides a new opportunity for improvement. Together with you and your mentors our students will set new goals during their development talks on January 26th, 2022. 

TikTok Challenge

As we have communicated previously there are worrying trends on different social media platforms, we address this in our lessons, over the year as part of our Plan mot Kränkande Behandling and talk to the students about their conduct on social media. 

We have recently become aware of yet another disturbing and hurtful "challenge " on tik tok and we encourage parents to support us in our work by discussing at home the theme of empathy and the impact negative "public" comments and posts on social media can have upon individuals.

We would also advise students and families to report any hurtful or distressing posts to the site itself, and if a child has been targeted in an abusive and hurtful way then this can be reported to the police.  You can find more information to support you as Parents and Guardians here.  As a school we will of course continue to support you and help address cases reported to us. 


We will be holding the second dose of COVID-19 vaccinations for 12-15 year old students shortly after the Sports Break in cooperation with Region Stockholm. If you have not already received a permission paper home with your child please check Schoolsoft and return it as soon as possible if you want your child to be part of this vaccination process. 

Otherwise, please continue to observe the school’s guidelines on COVID-19 which are posted on schoolsoft. Most importantly please continue to report any positive cases to

Important Upcoming Events

(Schedule on Schoolsoft)

First Day of Spring Term

When: Tuesday 11 January, 2022

All Students Start: 09:00

Development Talks

When: Wednesday 26 January, 2022

The full School calendar for 2021/22 can be found on Schoolsoft under files and links. 


Julian Dent



Öppet hus - dagens infokväll för föräldrar (08/12/21) - nu med slides

Idag 8 december kommer IES Årstas öppna hus/infokväll för föräldrar att planenligt gå av stapeln, med start kl. 18 på plats i skolan.

Vi har lagt upp kvällen på ett sätt som säkerställer att besökarna kan hålla avstånd och följa andra rekommendationer från Folkhälsomyndigheten.

Vi vill samtidigt uppmana besökare att avstå från att komma vid symptom och att respektera de uppmaningar om avstånd som ges på skolan.

Varmt välkomna!

Informationspresentationen finns via länken här.



Reflecting on October - Anti-bullying mentor theme

Reflecting on October - Anti-bullying mentor theme

Reflecting on October at IESÅ

Today our youth engage in more communication than ever before. The technological era has created more opportunities for our students to connect, absorb information and share their voice. Unfortunately, this can create an outlet for bullying and/or harassment. How do we approach this in the schooling system?This month we have asked our students to engage in meaningful reflection about safety at school- What makes us feel safe? What makes us feel heard? What are the things that make us feel unsafe? What can we do about it?

In order to explore these topics, our staff and students engaged various discussions about bullying and harassment (physical, verbal and digital). It is vital that our students understand what strategies can be used to stand up to and/or deal with bullying or harassment when they encounter it. In mentor time lessons, students were given scenarios and examples to discuss and were provided with strategies that could work in different situations and throughout the school, we have had competitions, events and communications revolving around these topics accessible to all! 

What did we do?

Throughout the month, our students were introduced to different challenges and events to encourage them to think further about these topics including:

  • SAGA Group Drag Race event that supported freedom of sexuality and gender expression
  • Mentor time workshop about sexual harassment and consent. Students learned strategies for telling someone "No" and for identifying different forms of harassment
  • Logo-design competition with the goal to communicate positivity and anti-bullying values (congratulations to Serah in 5A on your winning design, pictured in this article)
  • Pink Shirt Day! (Each day for one month our students wore pink on Wednesdays. Pink Shirt Day is a movement that schools all around the world do to show their support for people who have experienced bullying)
  • Junior School Social Media Posters
  • The difference between reporting and "snitch" culture (open conversations with students about why you should always report bullying or harassment when you see it)
  • Anti-bullying door competition
  • Social media workshops lead by HOS for parents

A student from 8C, Linn Leinder, shared about her experience in learning about the anti-bullying and harassment topics this month. Quoted "I thought that the consent talks we had in mentor time were very valuable. I now know how to approach someone who is doing something that makes me uncomfortable. We watched a video that really helped us to understand what consent is and how it is given".

Looking back, we can certainly say that our students have gained valuable insight about how bullying impacts people and what they can do to be an ally and stand up for eachother. Ultimately, by having these conversations with our students, we help all stakeholders to work together to create a safe space for all. 


Från rektorn

Principals Letter October/Brev från rektor oktober 2021

Principal’s Letter - October 2021

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 

This month at IES Årsta we have had our annual Anti Bullying Month. Where together we discuss and act on our values of respect, inclusiveness and tolerance. Students have also had time to engage in our plan mot kränkande behandling and how together we can create a school where every individual is respected and listened to, as this is the prerequisite for learning, a calm and safe environment. We also held our parent cafe with our Heads of Year where they also discussed with some of you the impact social media has on our students, your children. 

As parents and guardians, be sure you know how much time your child spends on social media. Our experience is this is where the vast majority of kränkande behandling happens and it is important that you as parents and guardians know and understand what your children are engaging with on social media. It often can have a very negative effect on our students' mental health. Two simple tips are: One; talk with your child about what they do on social media and support them to report any harassment or how to block accounts. Two; Limit their screen time to ensure a balance between screen time and sleep. Thank you for your support with this and keep an eye on schoolsoft for our next parent cafe coming up after Autumn break. 


Mid Term Reports

This week, on Thursday the students' mid term reports are published on schoolsoft. This is the first opportunity for the year to show our students and you how they are progressing towards the knowledge requirements in all their subjects. Please take the time to sit down with your children and look through the feedback and reflect on the goals they have set themselves in their development talks earlier in the term. If you would like to discuss a subject in more detail I encourage you to try and book a time with that subject teacher at our subject teacher evening to be held on the 10th November 2021. This also gives our students an indication of their achievement before their term grades are set for all Grades 4-9 in December 2021. Watch out on schoolsoft news to make a booking. 


We will be holding COVID-19 vaccinations for 12-15 year old students shortly after the Autumn break in cooperation with Region Stockholm. If you have not already received a permission paper home with your child please check Schoolsoft and return it as soon as possible if you want your child to be part of this vaccination process. 

Otherwise, please continue to observe the school’s guidelines on COVID-19 which are posted on schoolsoft. Most importantly please continue to report any positive cases to

Important Upcoming Events

Mid Term Academic Reports Published on Schoolsoft

When: Thursday 28 October, 2021

Autumn Break

When: Week 44

Subject Teacher Evening

When: Wednesday, 10 November, 2021


When: 13 December 2021

Choice Days

When: 17 & 20 December 2021

End of Autumn Term

When: Tuesday 21 December, 2021

First Day of Spring Term

When: Tuesday 11 January, 2022


The full School calendar for 2021/22 can be found on Schoolsoft under files and links. 


Happy Höstlov!

Julian Dent, Principal 


Kära elever, föräldrar och vårdnadshavare!

Nu i oktober har vi på IES Årsta haft årets likabehandlingsmånad där vi tillsammans diskuterar och arbetar med respekt, inkludering och tolerans. Eleverna har också fått tillfälle att arbeta med vår plan mot kränkande behandling för hur vi kan skapa en skola där varje individ respekteras och lyssnas på. Detta är grunden för lärande och en lugn och trygg lärandemiljö. Vi har också haft ett föräldracafé med våra Heads of Year där viktiga frågor diskuterades, såsom sociala medier och dess effekt på eleverna, era barn.

Som förälder och vårdnadshavare, se till att du vet hur mycket tid ditt barn tillbringar på sociala medier. Vår erfarenhet är att det är där en absolut majoritet av kränkande behandling sker och det är därför viktigt att ni som föräldrar och vårdnadshavare känner till vad ditt barn möter på sociala medier. Det kan ofta ha en negativ effekt på våra elevers mentala hälsa. Två enkla råd: 1) tala med ditt barn om vad de gör på sociala medier och ge dem stöd att rapportera överträdelser och att blocka konton, 2) begränsa skärmtid så barnet hittar balans mellan skärmtid och sömn. Tack för er hjälp med detta och håll utkik efter vårt nästa föräldrakafé efter höstlovet.



På torsdag så kommer mitterminsomdömen publiceras på SchoolSoft. Detta ger en första möjlighet att få grepp om hur våra elevers utveckling och måluppfyllelse i alla ämnen ser ut. Ta gärna tillfället i akt till att sätta er ner med barnet för att kolla igenom den feedback som ges och reflektera över de mål som sattes vid utvecklingssamtalen tidigare denna termin. Om du vill diskutera ett ämne mer i detalj så vill jag uppmana er att boka en tid med en ämneslärare vid vår ämneslärarkväll som kommer hållas 10 november i år. Det ger också eleverna en indikation om var de ligger inför terminsbetygen sätts för alla elever i åk 4-9 i december. Håll gärna koll på Schoolsoft under nyheter för att boka din tid med en ämneslärare. 


Vaccination av elever som är 12-15 år gamla kommer ske kort efter Höstlovet i samverkan med Region Stockholm. Om ni ännu inte fått samtyckesblankett hem med barnet, vänligen ta ut en kopia från Schoolsoft och skicka till skolan så snart som möjligt om du vill att ditt barn ska få ta del av erbjudandet om vaccination.

I övrigt gäller att fortsatt följa de rekommendationer gällande Covid-19 som gäller på skolan och på Schoolsoft. Speciellt viktigt är att rapportera ev. positiva fall till

Viktiga datum

Mitterminsomdömen publiceras på Schoolsoft

När: torsdag 28 oktober 2021

Autumn Break

När: vecka 44

Subject Teacher Evening

När: onsdag 10 november 2021


När: 13 december 2021

Elevens val-dagar

När: 17 samt 20 december 2021


När: tisdag 21 december 2021

Vårterminens första dag

När: tisdag 11 januari 2022


Skolkalendern 2021/22 finns i sin helhet på Schoolsoft under “Filer och länkar”.


Ha nu ett härligt höstlov!

Julian Dent, Rektor


Technology at IESÅ - Empowering our students to harness the future!

Technology at IESÅ - Empowering our students to harness the future!

IES Årsta Students Engaged in Programming 

Programming is all around us and we rely on it daily yet, only about 0.5% of the world's population knows how to code. This leaves the future of our society to be driven by a very small population, unless more people learn how to work with technology and grow it! This is why it is absolutely imperative that our students learn programming skills, so that they can be empowered to make a difference in our world and contribute to our ever-growing society. At IESÅ, we are committed to ensuring our students have the skills they need to be successful in today’s technology driven society, which is why we have made programming a central focus throughout our school-wide scaffolded technology program. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our students leave our school with good knowledge about programming concepts, resources, and have acquired skills to produce work in technology, ultimately preparing them for working life. 

To engage our students with their community and the importance of coding, we warmly welcomed imagiLabs, a start-up company located here in Stockholm. Their mission is to create fun and realistic opportunities for students, particularly young girls, to get involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) subjects. They are passionate about getting youth involved in the art of programming, and have created both hardware and software to spark interest in code for students aged 7-14. During their visit at IES Årsta, our year 7 students participated in a grade-level appropriate workshop on how to program using the Python programming language, and were able to test a new product that the company is going to release to market (the imagiCharm). This product is aimed to create a social experience for students when it comes to practicing code. In order to complete the workshop and imagiCharm activities, our students downloaded the imagiLabs app for free, giving them the ability to later practice coding skills at home, in transport, or with their friends. Our students were some of the first to try this product out, and were asked to provide valuable feedback to the imagiLab team on how to make the programming products (both the hardware and software elements) better. Our students had a unique opportunity to not only be involved in the development of a new product that can help students around the nation learn to code, but also witness technological product development in real time. This allowed them to gain understanding about what it is like to work in the technology industry. Our students were inspired to learn more and practice coding with their peers. In the end, our goal is to prepare our students for working life. By providing our students with opportunities to pair with community partners and make a real difference within the subject area, we ensure that they connect with the subject content on a deeper, more personal level. In turn, they are prepared to take on new challenges and are empowered to steer their own future.