School Quality Survey - Available for completion until May 9th

School Quality Survey - Available for completion until May 9th

Please take the time to fill out the annual school quality survey

With just 8 weeks left until our spring term comes to a close, we would like to remind our stakeholders of the annual school quality survey. 

Despite the challenges that came along with 2020/2021- our school has much to be proud of and to celebrate. This makes us eager for the next academic school year and excited for what the future of IES Årsta holds. We now have come to that time of year where we look to our students, staff, and parents for feedback. 

The purpose of the Annual School Quality Survey is to provide insight to our school leaders in regards to how our school has achieved our goals for the year, as well as how we have been serving our students, parents and staff. Each year, we base our school goals off of the results of this survey which highlights it's important role in guiding us toward the optimal environment and experience for all! Please keep in mind that this survey is anonymous and can provide you with an opportunity to share your voice as a school stakeholder!

You can find more information about this under the "inquiries" section on the right hand side in Schoolsoft. Remember to scroll down to find it! Simply click on the information note and you will be brought to the survey. 


Thank you!