Reaching Our Goals - Reflecting on our first weeks back to school

Reaching Our Goals - Reflecting on our first weeks back to school

Our First Weeks Back at School 2021/2022

We have had a wonderful first few weeks here at IES Årsta. So far we have had bonding time with our mentor classes, chatted about sommarlov, reflected on belonging in our school, competed in our fantastic house program and navigated our new schedules! We have started to brainstorm what fun things we can do for house and choice days this year, and selected student council members to represent student voice! The buzz in the school is undeniable. This is going to be a great year! 

Keeping the momentum going - focusing on our school goals!

This year we have 3 new school goals. Each year we choose new goals in response to reflection and feedback from previous years. We listen to our students, teachers, parents, and admin staff to establish a sense of what we need to focus on in the new year. This year, our goals are to be engaged, to be challenged, and to be respectful. Working towards common goals creates a sense of community within any organization. We feel that it is important for both teachers and students to work toward something together, ultimately bringing us closer and enforcing a sense of mutual respect and understanding. We hope that by incorporating our goals into everything we do, we will help everyone at school feel a sense of pride and purpose. 

Being Engaged:

Teachers will create engaging lessons and students will make good effort to activitly listen, participate and set personal and academic goals in their lessons. When we are engaged, we are in a state where we can learn and grow.

Being Challenged:

Teachers will create challenge for students in new ways. Students will feel growth in their learning by taking on challenges and pushing their academic boundaries. When we are challenged, we develop new ways of working and initiate academic improvement.

Being Respectful:

Teachers will prioritize having effective learning conversations with our students. Students will appreciate the learning conversations that teachers initiate with them, ultimately helping them to develop their character and prepare for working life. When we are respectful, we create a sense of support and empowerment, and people feel valued! 

We are excited for all of the wonderful things this year has to bring! Welcome back IESÅ!