Principal's Letter - February 2021

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Thank you for your participation in the Spring term development talks recently. Although it is always sad not to be able to welcome you onsite, it is nonetheless a very important discussion between your child's mentor, you and your child, working together for their future. We appreciate your continued support with this and thank you for your open feedback which you passed on so we can continually improve our school. 


Covid-19 Actions

I would like to remind all in our school community that it is critical that we all follow the Covid-19 guidelines in place in society and at IES Årsta. If students have any symptoms at all they should stay home until symptom free for two full days. If students take a COVID-19 test, students should stay home until they receive the result of that test. Even if they are symptom free. If your child does test positive, as part of the contact tracing procedure you should contact us to inform us of the positive test so we can complete the contact tracing here at school. Thank you for your support and cooperation on this very important matter. If we stick together and follow these guidelines we can ensure a stable educational environment for all our students. 


Traffic Safety Information 

I understand during these times many more of you are dropping off your children by car. However, the traffic situation out the front of school has been quite dangerous recently due to parents dropping off students in the wrong location. For safety reasons please only drop off your children on Vättersvägen, then students walk along the footpath to school. Do not park or stop on Sköntorpsvägen out the front of school as it creates a dangerous traffic situation for your children. It is also forbidden to drop off your children in the school’s ‘vändingsplan’ as this is only reserved for Samtrans vehicles or emergency services. Thank you for contributing to the safety of our students.


Skolinspektionen Survey

Right now, schools around Sweden are asking for feedback from all stakeholders for the annual skolinspektionen skolenkät. We need your feedback as well as parents at IES Årsta, so please complete the survey by 1 March through the link on schoolsoft or the following address: 


School Calendar 2021/2022

This can now be found on Schoolsoft for your planning purposes under files and links.


Mentor Phone Call Week

When: Week 8, 2021



When: Week 9, 2021


Mid Term Reports Published

When: Friday 26 March, 2021


Subject Teacher Evening

When: Wednesday 31 March, 2021



When: Friday 2 April, 2021



When: Week 14, 2021



When: 13 & 14 May, 2021


Study Day

When: Monday, 17 May 2021


Last Day of Spring Term

When: Friday, 11 June 2021


Kind Regards


Julian Dent