Principal's Letter- December 2020

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


As we come to the end of 2020 it has certainly been a challenging year. Our goal throughout this year has always been to keep the focus on our students, your children, to ensure they have a consistent quality education in line with our values. This week for Grades 7-9, that involves a new challenge of distance learning. This shows that it is even more important for us to continue to work together to ensure your children keep up with their classes online but also ensure we look after their mental health as well. We appreciate your feedback on how this is working for your children so we can ensure it delivers for your children. 


Please use the resources posted on schoolsoft, the parent support information for distance learning as well as the Jullov Activity pack put together by our Student Care Team. The aim of this is to ensure students are engaged in a positive manner over the break and promote positive activities to support the mental health of our students. 


In times like this when the school is eerily quiet with only Grade 4-6 on site it reminds us that for many of our students their meeting place is IES Årsta. It is their community and ours. We hope we can all return to this community on January 12, 2021 as planned. We will update you as needed throughout Jullov when the guidelines are clear. 


Assistant Principal

As some of you may already be aware if you follow IES news. Our distinguished Assistant Principal - Student Care Ms Suzanne Gavin has been appointed to lead our new IES school in Solna, opening in August 2021. We congratulate Ms Gavin on this appointment and will be very sad to see her leave after three and a half years here at IES Årsta. We wish Ms Gavin all the best establishing another IES school in Stockholm and thank her for her significant contribution to our school community! 

We are currently going through the recruitment process for Ms Gavin’s replacement and plan to make an announcement in January when Ms Gavin leaves us on January 18 2021. 


I hope you are all able to have a positive holiday break with your families and we look forward to a different 2021 and eventually welcoming you back into the school at some stage! 


Important Upcoming Events

Choice Day 1

When: Wednesday 16 December 2020

Grade 4,5,6: Choice at school

Grade 7,8,9: Choice at home 


Choice Day 2

When: Thursday 17 December 2020

Grade 4,5,6: Choice at home 

Grade 7,8,9: Choice at home 


End of Autumn Term

When: Friday 18 December, 2020


First Day of Spring Term

When: Tuesday 12 January, 2021


Development Talks

When: Wednesday 27 January, 2021



When: Week 9, 2021



The full School calendar for 2020/21 can be found on Schoolsoft under files and links. 


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 


Julian Dent