Principal’s Letter - January 2021

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome back to the new year and I hope you had a relaxing New Year break. We get to start off the school year with the students development talks coming up next week. On Wednesday 27 January you will digitally meet with your child's mentor and reflect on the progress from Autumn term and set the goals for the Spring term ahead. We thank you for your engagement in this important process to work together for our students. Please confirm your time on Schoolsoft and we look forward to collaborating with you next week. 


Covid-19 Actions

We start the year with continued uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and its progression. I want to reassure you that we are in regular contact with Smittskydd Stockholm to ensure we are following the latest guidelines from the government authorities. In line with the new government decision, we have taken many actions on site to reduce congestion for students. For example, we have changed our schedule for students to spread out during lunch times, break times, the start of the day and the end of the day with the aim to reduce congestion at school and on public transport. We have increased the cleaning on site and have 3 full time cleaners constantly cleaning the common areas throughout the school day. We have implemented a campaign to ensure improved hand hygiene throughout the school day with students. We have now cancelled all events where students mix across classes and quality assured the ventilation in all our rooms throughout the school. We will continue to take further actions on site in consultation with Smittskydd Stockholm and our local student skyddsombud and staff skyddsombud to follow Folkhälsomyndighetens guidelines. But if needed we also stand ready to implement distance education for Grades 7-9 if recommended by Smittskydd Stockholm. 

Right now we believe the best for our students is to be at school learning in a stable environment with all our adaptations and actions in place. Although that is not an easy decision to make it is what we believe is in the best interests of our students. 


New Assistant Principal

As announced last term, our distinguished Assistant Principal - Student Care, Ms Suzanne Gavin has been appointed to lead our new IES school in Solna, opening in August 2021. We congratulate Ms Gavin on this appointment and are very sad to see her leave after three and a half years here at IES Årsta. However, now I am very happy to announce that our new Assistant Principal - Student Care, will be Meredith Lissegårdh (née Kimmel) who many of you have gotten to know as our Head of Junior School. Ms Lissegårdh has been with us from the beginning of IES Årsta leading our Junior School team and supporting the establishment of our calm and safe learning environment. I am very confident that Ms Lissegårdh can continue to develop our school along with Ms Legersjö our Assistant Principal - Academics and myself for our students going forward. You can find a short introduction video with Ms Lissegårdh on Schoolsoft. 


New Team Members

In the new year we also welcome a new full time studie-och-yrkesvägledare, Ms Franzen. Our new senior school counsellor Ms Egerlid. Our new Math teacher taking over from Ms Lissegårdh, Mr Strömberg. A new English teacher temporarily taking over from Mr Bergen, will be Ms Harris. While we welcome two new student support educators, Mr Yvorra and Ms Melki. You can find video introductions from our new team members on Schoolsoft so you can get to know them.  


School Calendar 2021/2022

This can now be found on Schoolsoft for your planning purposes under files and links.


Digital Development Talks

When: Wednesday 27 January, 2021



When: Week 9, 2021


Kind Regards,
Julian Dent