IES Årsta - Skräpplockardagarna 2021

IES Årsta - Skräpplockardagarna 2021

In week 17 IES Årsta proudly participated in Skräpplockardagarna 2021!

Our students are passionate about the environment and when Ms Masson (Head of the Swedish Department) signed our school up to participate in Skräpplockardagarna 2021, our students were buzzing with excitment at the opportunity to help our planet! Students in year 4 and 5 participated in week 17.

In mentor time lessons leading up to the event, our students learned about littering and the impact of human waste on the environment. They learned about why recycling is not enough because rubbish can still end up in animal habitats and oceans. "Clean Oceans" was the theme of the event this year, and students saw value in learning about how to keep our oceans clean by reducing use of plastic and being mindful about how we dispose of our products. 

Our students collected trash from the school yard and parks around the Årsta community. As one of just a few IES school's participating, our students walked away from the day with much pride in what they accomplished. See pictured 4D, excited about their clean up at a local park!

Stay tuned for more upcoming events, such as Walk for Water, that our students will be participating in this month!